PISCES 3rd Annual Academic Workshop

The 3rd annual Public Infrastructure Security Cyber Education System (PISCES) Academic Workshop on April 22nd. For reference, PISCES provides a data-sharing network to small communities in need of critical cybersecurity analysis. Students at qualified educational institutions studying cybersecurity analyze this data to provide live insights to communities about their network security. The Department of HomelandContinue reading “PISCES 3rd Annual Academic Workshop”

CISA Pathways Internship Program Accepting Cyber/IT Applications

CISA is pleased to announce several paid internships targeting high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. These internships are for student trainees in Cyber/IT at the GS-1/2, GS-3/4, and GS-5/7 levels. All interested students need to apply via the links provided below and complete any associated assessments no later than January 6, 2021.  GS-1/2 GS-3/4 GS-5/7Continue reading “CISA Pathways Internship Program Accepting Cyber/IT Applications”

CISA Student Programs Webinar

On August 20th from 1:00 – 3:00 pm EST, CISA OCHCO will host a webinar on its Student Programs. This webinar is geared towards students and highlights internships and recent graduate opportunities within CISA.  Attendees will learn about each program, how to apply, and resume tips. This webinar is free and open to the public,Continue reading “CISA Student Programs Webinar”

Data Sharing Agreement

PISCES’ official data sharing agreement for municipalities looking to join the program is now published on our website. It can be viewed and downloaded here. If you are part of a municipality and would like more information about the program or how to join, please view our Community Partners page on our website.